Every detail used in modern kitchen decorations has become the details that can take the kitchen to the next level. In addition to large decorative products such as kitchen cabinets, kitchen tables, carpets or curtains, there are small but effective details such as tiles between countertops and countertops. In the past, the whole kitchen was covered with tiles or the ceramics of that time, kalebodur. In this case, the machine was covered with the same products. However, the end of this trend in time, kitchen only the part between the countertop and the Cabinet ceramic began to make models changed.

The tiles in the area between the counter and kitchen cabinets are called counter-counter tiles. There are many features that distinguish between these faience models, which can be chosen according to the color, pattern, size and style of the cabinets. Apart from pattern, color and design, there are differences in durability, longevity, water resistance and easy cleaning. When choosing tiles between the countertops for modern kitchens, we need to examine more than one detail in a good way.
Single color counter tile models for simple kitchens

White, cream, beige, light powder or broken white. These tiles, which are both clean and bright, are a must for modern and simple kitchens, minimalist designs. The use of black dezdol in innovative kitchens gives the environment a very different atmosphere. You can see different examples in our gallery.

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