Working table bunk beds models are an important part of nursery decorations in all small and large homes. Thanks to these furniture designs, where the Hema bed is a combination of both the work desk and sometimes the closet, even the smallest spaces are used efficiently.
Selection of working table bunk beds models

Bunk models, which have been used since ancient times, are used not only in children’s rooms, but also in older adults ‘ rooms. These bunk beds, especially preferred in small guest rooms, are not working desks or wardrobes. In general, the wider and more comfortable designs are remarkable. In some bunk designs, the upper floor can be a single bed and the lower floor can be a very large double bed.

There are also bed models designed to accommodate more than two or four people. Three-person bunk beds can be made from two bunk beds side by side, or they can be made from three-storey models. For detailed information on this subject and to see bunk models 3-person bunk models can take a look at our article.